Incoming Students

Exchange Programme for Incoming Students

Welcome to the IAE AIX Graduate School of Management located in the South of France.

The Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE Aix) is very pleased that you have chosen our University for your exchange programme. IAE Aix delivers Master's courses in English and in French. We hope that you will have a rewarding and memorable experience at the IAE Aix.

Choosing our school will enable you to benefit from the exceptional educational and cultural environment in the south-east of France.

Partner Universities

Students in exchange from the IAE Aix International Network are welcome in our Institution. ERASMUS or Bilateral Agreement between IAE Aix and its partners ensure the reciprocity and the quality of the programme.

If you like to participate in the IAE Aix Exchange Programme but your home institution dont have an Exchange Agreement with our Institution, please contact Ekaterina Lepennec.

• Exchange Procedure: Application and preliminary course selection

  1. The partner university nominates students by e-mail directly to the International Affairs Exchange Programme coordinator, robbe.bressot(at) with the following information:

- Full name of student

- Gender

- Date of birth

- Academic term desired

- Student’s programme of study and year.

  1. Students are then invited to fill in the Exchange Application including the preliminary course selection and send it to the International Affairs Office with the required documents.

Once the exchange office receives the COMPLETE file, an invitation letter is issued accompanied with a welcome package. 

Academic Calendar & Deadlines

Information in progress

Courses and ECTS

Exchange students can attend both first or second year courses of our Masters. Students with at least 3 to 5 years of professional experience can attend courses from the MBA programme.

  • Courses enrolment

Exchange Orientation session is also for course enrolment. Course lists and final schedules are provided so that all students can build their personalised exchange cursus. This work session permits to establish course selection enroled in courses upon prerequisite check and availability.

All courses, whether in French or in English, enable students to obtain a number of ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) for accreditation of their semester of study by their home institution.

The traditional French Grading system is on a scale of 0 to 20. The pass mark is 10. A mark above 17 is regarded as a very good mark.

  • Grading system:

IAE Aix  scale 0-20


Corresponding Letter grade


17 to 20




15 to >16

Very Good



12 to >15




10 to >12







No credit

At IAE Aix we use a 0-20 scale to express all assessment scores. The top grade, 19-20 points, distinguishes an outstanding performance and is rarely awarded. The bottom grade, 0 points is awarded to extremely disastrous performances. Note that the fail range is 0 to < 10 (10-11 C, 12-14 B, 15-16 A, 17-20 A+) 

  • 1 course = 24 contact-hour = 3 ECTS
  • Number of courses for Exchange Students : 3 minimum - 10 maximum
  • Language of Instruction: French/English (50% of the Master Courses are taught in English, 100% of the MBA Courses are taught in English)
  • Students from European institutions: A final transcript with both French and ECTS marks will be sent to the home institution by the Exchange Programme Coordinator.

University Enrolment

Exchange students must take enrolment at the Aix Marseille University in order to be considered students in France, to obtain the official enrolment certificate and their student card. This entails filling out the enrolment form and envelope on the Exchange Student Orientation Day in August or January, and providing proof of adequate health insurance:

  • Students under 28 pay for the French Student Health Insurance (around € 200)
  • Students over 28 must provide proof of private affiliation (travel insurance is not appropriate for enrolment purposes)
  • Europeans must provide a copy of the European Health Card
  • Students from Quebec provide the SE 401-Q-106 Certificate