MSc, speciality General Management, English Track

What follows is a description of MSc Full-English Track.  Should you wish to do this degree in French, click here.

The one-year MSc degree has been designed to provide French and foreign participants a global and cross-disciplinary approach to management.  Beyond encapsulating the latest management theories and practices, it also focuses on developing change skills and flexibility, often in an international context  It is offered in English for several reasons:

  • More and more French applicants have become relatively proficient in English, many having successfully completed either an Erasmus exchange programme abroad or work placements abroad.  They wish to further improve their language skills by doing a graduate degree in management in English.
  • More and more foreign applicants are seeking graduate degree management programmes in France.  They want to begin or improve their French language skills, but haven’t got the necessary language proficiency to complete a degree taught in French.
  • More and more foreign exchange students wish to spend a term studying management in France, but are unable to attend courses in French.

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Companies are now seeking « dual competence » managers able to lead the technical, human and managerial aspects of projects and business units. This MSc in General Management, flagship degree of the IAE network, offers its participants solid management training and a global approach to management to complement their initial education. This broadens their career paths through the acquisition of a second competence. Participants come from varied backgrounds and nationalities, offering a unique and dynamic international experience.

In addition to key managerial knowledge and tools, the programme also fosters skills in critical analysis of complex situations, develops participants’ individual abilities (active listening, self-reliance, resourcefulness, willingness to question and change) and offers extensive practice in sharpening corporate social competencies.

Master's in General Management, Full English Track - 2010-11 Cohort
October 2010
Master's in General Management, Full English Track - 2010-11 Cohort
October 2010
Master's in General Management, Full English Track - 2009-10 Cohort
September 2009
Master's in General Management, Full English Track - 2008-09 Cohort
December 2008

2013-14 Full-English cohort

30 Enrolled participants: including 18 French, 2 Chineses, 1 Russian, 1 Vietnamese, 1 Czech

  • 16 Engineers
  • 3 Law 
  • 2 Languages/Linguistics 
  • 2 Economists
  • 1 Commercial
  • 1 Bank & Finance
  • 1 International Business
  • 1 Biologist
  • 1 Bio-technician
  • 1 Theater

+ 9 Autumn foreign exchange students
(1 Estonian, 1 Dutch, 2 Ukrainian, 2 Russian, 3 Korean, 1 Slovak)

+ 3 Spring foreign exchange students
(1 Korean, 1 Finnish, 1 Taiwanese)

Structure of the Programme

The MSc in General Management is a one-year programme, with direct entry into the second year (Semesters 3 & 4).

The degree programme exists in two “tracks”. From Sept-Dec, there is the Full-English Track, where the 12 core courses are taught in English, and the classic French Track. 

Participants will complete their coursework at the end of April, and then go on to an internship or a French-government VIE.

Only those completing the entire year in the Full-English Track will have this stamped on their Degree Addendum.

Content of the Programme

  • 12 Core courses: all delivered in English
  • Choice of 1 Elective Option: all delivered in English
  • Choice of 1 Foreign Language
  • Cross-disciplinary Report: either English or French
  • In-compagny mission: either English or French

Those wishing an orientation in entrepreneurship do so in the second semester.  In January, they select one or several pre-identified entrepreneurship courses/activities, and may even decide to carry out an entrepreneurship project as their mission.

Core Courses

Anglais – 24 hrs. – Sem. 3 – 3 ECTS
Introduction to Balance Sheets – Profit & Loss Statements - How to record – Training - Accounting for merchandising activities - Receivables + Inventories - Plant assets and depreciation - Liabilities & Equity
Anglais – 24 hrs. – Sem. 3 – 3 ECTS
Statement of cash flows ? Analysis of Ratios - Budgeting and pro-forma statements - Managing working capital - Planning financial needs - Internal control and audit
Anglais – 24 hrs. – Sem. 3 – 3 ECTS
Operational Vs Strategic Marketing- Marketing Contribution to Competitive Success - Marketing Environment and Strategic Analysis: External Analysis ? Competitive Analysis - Corporate Analysis - Approaches to Marketing Strategy - Product Policy - Integrated Marketing Communications ? Advertising and Direct Marketing - E-marketing and Internet Marketing - Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) - Managing the Distribution Channel and Supply Chain ? Pricing - Controlling and Evaluating Marketing Management Activities
Français – 24 hrs. – Sem. 3 – 3 ECTS
What Is Strategy? - Strategies at the Business Level - Evaluating Environmental Threats & Opportunities - External Analysis: Customers and Suppliers/ Competitors and Partners ? Evaluating Firm Strengths and Weaknesses - Vertical Integration; Cost Leadership ? Flexibility - Competitive Rivalry and Competitive Dynamics
Anglais – 24 hrs. – Sem. 4 – 3 ECTS
Self-Awareness and Behaviour - Self-Disclosure and Trust - Self-management and Stress - Communication: Non-verbal and Verbal - Managing conflict - Establishing individual goals - Working in teams and workgroups - Individual coaching and feedback
Anglais – 24 hrs. – Sem. 4 – 3 ECTS
Roles and responsibilities in HR management - HRM models - HR planning - HR information and control systems ? Recruitment - Training and development - Compensation systems - Personnel appraisal systems
Français – 24 hrs. – Sem. 3 – 3 ECTS
Beginning Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Advanced Spanish, Chinese, French as a foreign language.
Anglais – 24 hrs.
Anglais – 24 hrs. – Sem. 4 – 3 ECTS
Sources of Law in International Business: Different legal systems - Common vs. Civil Law - International Trade usages or customs - Sources of law in International Business and Litigation - EU Laws & Courts - International Arbitration - Jurisdiction and Choice of Law - Contract Law (principal focus, the Vienna Convention - Start-ups and Business Organizations in Foreign Countries.
Anglais – 24 hrs. – Sem. 4 – 3 ECTS
Costs analysis and Pricing of goods: Expenses of the period, non incorporable & additional charges, The valuation Models - The elementary model - Inventories valuation - Direct/Indirect costs - Variable/Fixed costs - Costing models & the pricing of goods - The activity based management - Planning and Control Processes: The advantages of planning and budgeting - Standard costs and flexible budgets - Variance analysis - Efficiency variance – Performance management.
Anglais – 24 hrs. – Sem. 4 – 3 ECTS
Presentation of the principal concepts used in Finance – decision-making models – setting objectives and analysing results - Financial evaluation of assets – Investment decisions in questionable and risky environments - Cost and structure of capital - short-term Financial management - financial instruments.
Anglais – 48 hrs.
Anglais – 24 hrs. – Sem. 4 – 3 ECTS
The role of a project manager towards developing a comprehensive understanding of planning, organizing, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals connected with producing a product or service; examination of management perspectives for dealing with time controls, costs and deliverables while achieving goals and objectives; understanding the temporary nature of projects, effective operations, and the development of distinct management strategies.

1 Elective

Cross-Disciplinary Report (not required for Apprentices)

Participants will write and defend a monograph which provides an in-depth strategic, marketing, and financial analysis of a publicly-listed company.

The oral defence will be made in English before a cross-disciplinary board of professors.

In-Company Mission

A minimum three-month mission in France or abroad in a company or organisation, putting into practice the managerial skills acquired during the academic year, supervised by a faculty tutor under the responsibility of the Programme Director.

Examples of Internship Assignments

  • Market Study
  • Competition Study in Europe
  • Project Management Assistance
  • Design and Implementation of Quality System
  • Budgetary Control
  • Maintenance Management Method
  • Benchmarking for several Production Sites
  • Design of a Business Plan …

Positions Open to Future Graduates

Given the wide range of first specialisations, graduates are hired in a broad spectrum of activities and functions. Examples of corporate positions now held by graduates:

  • Business Development Consultant, ORACLE Ireland
  • Cost Controller, AREVA
  • Strategic Change Dep't Manager, MBDA
  • Project Manager, SNCF
  • Logistics Manager, SIEMENS UK
  • Sales Engineer, DELL
  • Key Account Manager, KEATON FINANCE

Admission Requirements

Admittance into the MSc General Management:

  • A first university degree obtained after at least 4 years of higher education (Bachelor or equivalent qualification or 240 ECTS),
  • Professional and international experience(s) -studies or work abroad-,
  • A good command of both the French and English language

Admission criteria consists of: TAGE-MAGE or GMAT; TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS (DELF2 for non-French speakers); professional career goals, previous studies; a personal interview.

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The fees depend on your status. the « Student » fees apply to every applicant less than 28 years old, enrolled in a degree – except degrees in apprenticeship - the year before. The « Executive and  Continuing Education” fees apply to every applicant who was enrolled in a degree in apprenticeship the year before, or who has not benn enrolled in a dedgree for at least  two years, or aged more than 28 and/or employee, professional, jobseeker, recipient of the Revenu de Solidarité Active.


  • 4 800€ for one year

Executives and Continuing Education

Financial aid: please contact us


Programme Director



MSc Information:
+33 (0)4 42 28 09 20

Continuing Education Information:
+33 (0)4 42 28 08 56


Best Masters in Management 2010, 2011 & 2012
Best Masters in Management 2010, 2011 & 2012
MSc's in General Management, English Track, is in the SMBG 2014 Ranking

2013 Study Tour


"Studying at the IAE Aix has been an excellent experience for me. Not only do I learn business, but also develop close relationships with French and international students. We maintain a warm ambiance in class and keep in touch outside. The diverse environment makes me feel more confident; speaking English is encouraged and respected here. If you want to develop your international career, I think that the IAE Aix, especially FET is a great opportunity"

Vinh, Vietnamese, engineer, INSA Toulouse, FET


"After completing  two internships abroad (Australia 3 months / Scotland 6 months) during my engineering studies, I came here to acquire managerial skills in the General Management programme's FET.

I am currently apprenticing in Banque Populaire Loire & Lyonnais within a private equity funds department.

I just got hired by ING, Dutch Bank, as a trainee in the Operations & IT Banking Program. It is a 3 year program where I will get opportunities to fulfil different managerial positions (line manager, project manager, specialist...) in Amsterdam or elsewhere (NY, London, Australia for example), wherever ING has offices."

Greg, French, Engineer, ENSPG Grenoble, FET


"Thanks to the IAE I’ve now got a dual competence education, which is sought by many businesses. Will soon begin an internship with Eurocopter in Germany.

The multicultural aspects of the FET are mind-broadening, and make this programme’s even more valuable."

Céline, French, Mechanical Engineer, ENSAM Angers, FET


"I was more attracted by the communication aspects of engineering than the technical ones, so the IAE was a great opportunity for me to learn such new skills. As an apprentice, I am a project manager in Information Systems for Imaje, an international company. Next year I plan to apply to the IAE’s DIM to do a semester and an internship abroad.”

Bruno, French, engineer, ESIL Marseille, FET


"A class full of fun people from diverse backgrounds, a small school environment so that you get to know everyone individually, heavy workload from time to time.  I am very satisfied with both the French and international students. I never felt left out or had difficulty in adapting to the class. Different project groups and group projects was a great idea.   Aix is a great place to live and IAE has a really good reputation in France. Very glad I came."

Ceren, Turkish, Tourism Administration, Bogazici University, Istambul, FET


"During my engineering studies I always had the feeling I needed to be more business and management oriented.  The programme in General Management was the perfect deal: I acquired lots of new competencies without being too specialized, and had all my courses in English to boot. I loved studying in an international context with students from all around the world, and now I have been hired for a VIE in Thailand to do logistics management!"

Sophie, French, Engineer, HEI Lille, FET


"With my original creative background in web design and development, I came here to better understand the business world. I am now apprenticing at Megalo(s), developing my managerial skills in a company of my domain, and looking forward to being employed full time as a Project Manager."

Sacha, French, Gobelins Paris School of Image, FET


"My previous studies were very oriented on the humanities (History, Art History and Tourism), but I thought that acquiring general knowledge in management could enrich my education and offer new opportunities.  This year at the IAE was a great experience on different levels; first, I’ve learned tons from the courses, seminars and group work. Second, one of the key points for this year was the international human experience. It is so interesting working with foreign & French students together. Each of us came from different backgrounds, we shared our points of view, ideas and surely had fun!"

Lauriane, French, Université Lumière Lyon II, FET


"Determined to work for international solidarity, I have already done quite a lot of volunteer work in NGOs. The non-profit sector being very selective, I knew that I had to acquire a full range of practical skills in management if I wanted to become a professional humanitarian worker. The programme at the IAE was valuable training for me; the proof is that this week I was chosen as the Accounting and Administration intern in the disaster relief organisation “Solidarités”"

Inès, German, Political Science, Universitat Potsdam, FET